UNEARTH – The Viewsletter – Issue 3

UNEARTH- The Viewsletter June 2017 Issue 3 From the Managing Trustee Desk Dear Readers, In the past few months I have been having a very big carbon footprint as Environics is taking more responsibilities for the Asian and Global Networks of which we have members. The…

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Establishing Rights over Community Forest Resources in Himachal Pradesh

Establishing Community Forest Rights has been taken up as a process which makes communities understand the importance and collective assessment of their dependence on resources surrounding them. Over this year the process has moved deep into the communities in six…

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Community Issues in Coal Belts

A short descriptive report on Barddhaman District outlining areas of public health and indicators of health, nutrition and environmental pollution, MDGs. A blog www.alongtheburntcoalcorridor.wordpress.com elaborates more on specific issues of health and education. 1….

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District Mineral Foundation

District Mineral Foundation (DMF) as an institution for the welfare of people, under MMDR (Amendment) Act 2015 came into being which under which the miners have to contribute 10% of proportionate royalty in addition to the royalty on minerals for leases issued after…

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Himalayan Communities Join the Global Civil Society ​in the ​Call ​for equity and fairshare in Global Climate Action

Himalayan Communities join​ed​ the call for equity and fair share in global climate action and warn the global community of the irreparable damage that will be caused if the Himalayan ecosystems are disturbed.  Climate science paints a frightening picture—one that…

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About Environics Trust

Environics Trust is a not for profit research and community development organisation and an enabling institution. Environics conducts participatory research on issues of environmental and human behavior and uses these outcomes for innovative community development programmes. Environics provides research and evaluatory services to International, National, State and Local Institutions and directly works with marginalised communities such as those in the mountain regions, tribals and communities adversely affected by mining and industrialisation

Participative Research

Community Based Action

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Climate Change and Reproductive Heath

The impacts of global warming and climate change are worldwide. The World Health Organisation estimates that the warming and precipitation trends due to anthropogenic climate change of the past 30 years already claim over 1,50,000 lives annually. And the direct…

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UNEARTH – The viewsletter – Issue 2

UNEARTH – The Viewsletter is a monthly newsletter of Environics Trust. This is an effort to make everyone aware about the work being done by us, the voices of the communities we work with, the issues and all the other stories we come across. IN THIS ISSUE From the…